The Present Shop Goes 3D!

£d lenticular pictures from the Present Shop.

The Present Shop has gone 3D with the popular Faithful Friends 3D wall art. The range includes cats and dogs, wildlife and Scottish themes. Each picture is presented in amazing depth full colour 3D.

Stereoscopic photographs have been around almost as long as photography itself.  In nature the images from our two eyes are combined to give us a sense of depth. In stereo photography two photographs are taken of the subject, one further to the left or right of the other. When viewed through a special viewer or with special glasses the right eye can only see the right image and the left can only see the left image. This tricks the brain into thinking it is seeing one photograph with depth.

The Faithful Friends Wall Art creates its 3d effects without the viewer having to wear glasses. These prints create their illusion of depth by splitting two or more photographs into strips and overlaying lenticular lenses onto the resulting photograph. The lenses split the images for your left and right eye. This results in incredible full colour pictures  that look so solid you feel they are going to jump out at you.

Wolf-in-Snow-Faithful-Friends-3D-anaglyph-photographWolf in Snow Faithful Friends Wall Art presented as an Anaglyph 3D photograph by The Present Shop. View with Red/Cyan 3D Glasses.

The Present Shop has gone 3D crazy on the website and presents most of the Faithful Friends Wall Art images we sell as Anaglyph 3D pictures (see Wolf In Snow above).  You will need red/cyan filter anaglyph glasses to view these photographs in 3D on the website but if you don’t have a pair they can be bought cheaply on Ebay. We cannot show you the full effect of these prints because the red/cyan filters in the glasses distort the colour and the depth is limited. The anaglyph examples only show a left eye and a right eye image. The lenticular prints create their sense of depth using more than two images, giving us a more solid looking subject.  Remember you do not require glasses to view the actual product. You can buy the 3D artwork direct from our website at

We also have a 3D presentation on our YouTube channel showing some of the pictures available…

This video can be seen in full colour on a 3D television or 3D monitor. If you don’t have a 3D enabled television or monitor you can still view the video using red/cyan glasses.

As well as the 3D Wall Art our shop in Kirkcaldy has many 3D gift ideas such as note books, greeting cards, bookmarks and signs.

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